Saturday, March 28, 2020

2020 Peony Blooms Week 1 Very Early

Peony 'Early Scout'

The only 2 named peony varieties to bloom this week in Week 1 were Tree Peony 'White Phoenix' and Peony 'Early Scout'. Since our bloom season started so early this year (almost a week earlier than any other year recorded in the last 15 years!), not many peonies have had the opportunity to grow, much less bloom. There are several other tree peonies waiting to bloom, and with this 80 degree weather we had today and will have again tomorrow, many of them will likely melt! That's how it usually goes here in NC - from winter to summer in 1 week flat! LOL Let's hope we get a little bit more temperate spring weather this season. Looks like we'll have some days with highs in the 50s next week - here we go again!!! I hope your start to spring and the peony bloom season is coming along nicely. Welcome spring!!! :-)

Tree Peony 'White Phoenix'


  1. When would a Shirley Temple bloom in zone 7 central Alabama? I'm seeing shoots form now. Thanks!

    1. Bob,

      That is hard to say. From my Bloom Dates page (, it looks like Peony 'Shirley Temple' usually blooms in Week 6 Late. For me Week 6 blooms usually start in May (could be early, mid, or late May depending on the weather each year).

      I hope you get a bloom from your plant! If you have a question on it, try emailing me some details and a photo of it, and I can try to give you some advice.