Wednesday, March 15, 2017

2017 One More Peony Order in Peony Paradise

Remember that snow we got this past weekend? Okay so maybe it wasn't much of a snow. Some people were just calling it "dry rain". Well anyway... What better way to spend a snowy weekend morning than shopping for peonies online? It's cold outside, the weather's icky, and no one wants to go out. So why not stay indoors, dream of big gorgeous peony blooms and springtime, go to peony paradise if you will - figuratively and literally. Okay, okay, I confess. I found a few more peonies in Peony Paradise that I just decided I couldn't live without. The reason I placed the order was for Peony 'Roselette's Baby'. It appears to be a newish? introduction from Adelman. The description says it is a sport of Peony 'Roselette', but with much more color. I couldn't resist adding another bright early peony to my collection.

With this bright red color and the name Peony 'Cherry Ruffles', I decided this upstanding multi-petaled red peony needed to take a trip over to my garden. Peony 'Carolina Moon', a white peony with a "yellow glow", seems like it would be right at home here too. :-) If you've never purchased peonies from Peony Paradise aka Adelman Peony Gardens, you are in for a treat. I received their 2017 catalog in the mail recently, and they have totally redesigned it. It is gorgeous! It's not just the cover, but the interior, descriptions, everything has been redesigned. They also say they are cleaning their mailing list. So if you do get their catalog and want to keep it, you need to contact them!

Adelman Peony Gardens 2017 Catalog

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