Thursday, December 29, 2016

2016 Herbaceous Peony Buds

If you aren't dreaming about spring yet, I thought I'd share with you a few bud pictures from my 2016 peony bloom season this year. It seems like the beauty of peony buds goes largely unnoticed. However, they are quite beautiful, and there is much to appreciate in them. I enjoy seeing the different shapes and sizes of the peony buds, as well as all of the different colored petals peeking out! Some herbaceous peony buds have a nice pointed tip, while others are rounded balls of petals just waiting to unfurl! If you haven't paused to notice the beauty to be found before the bloom, be sure to take a peek at everything your peony plants have to offer this year! And don't forget to stop and smell the peonies! :-)
Peony 'Lavender' Bud
Peony 'Rose Garland' Bud
Peony 'Coral Charm' Bud
Peony 'Lovely Rose' Bud
Peony 'Red Charm' Bud
Peony 'Paula Fay' Bud

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