Thursday, September 15, 2016

2016 Best Performer Again Peony 'Keiko' with 77 Buds!

Peony 'Keiko'™ 愛幕 (Adored) aka Peony 'Pink Double Dandy'

Last year Peony 'Keiko'™ 愛幕 (Adored) was a Southern Peony Best Performer for 2015 Peony 'Keiko' (Adored) Best Performer - Week 4. I would be remiss to mention that it was a Best Performer again this year in my garden, and not just a Best Performer, but THE best performing plant in my garden for 2016. This one intersectional peony plant had 77 buds on it, and Every. Single. Bud. Opened. Not one of the buds was blasted. The blooms were not affected by the late frost we had. The blooms were not affected by disease or bugs or anything. There were 77 blooms on this plant. Last year there were 35. Every year, this plant just keeps getting bigger and better and the number of blooms just keeps increasing! I can't wait to see what it does next spring. The flowers open a rich, gorgeous medium pink and slowly fade to a lighter medium pink. If you haven't bought one of these peony plants for yourself yet, you need to find one, and buy it, and plant it - this fall! Peony 'Keiko'™ 愛幕 (Adored) aka Peony 'Pink Double Dandy' is one peony plant your garden should not be without!

Peony 'Keiko'™ 愛幕 (Adored) aka Peony 'Pink Double Dandy'

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