Wednesday, June 1, 2016

2016 APS Peony Convention Picnic at Bay Beach

Well, I made it to Wisconsin. I must say Green Bay is much different than I expected. I was thinking that since they have a professional football team, the city would be large, but it is actually kind of small. However, the welcome picnic at Bay Beach park was very nice. The people were all very friendly and the picnic food very tasty - fried chicken, cole slaw, and green beans. We also got to sample some Wisconsin cheese in the cheese potato casserole.

APS Welcome Picnic at Bay Beach Park

The best part of the picnic was being able to meet friends new and old. Plant people are always the nicest people, and an APS Member you haven't yet met, is just a new friend waiting to be made. We arrived at the Bay Beach Park a little after 5pm, and most people were already there. We stayed until after 8pm when it was wrapping up and starting to get a little chilly. Everyone seemed to be excited about the upcoming tours and of course the flower show!
APS Convention Registration at Bay Beach Park

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