Sunday, March 27, 2016

2016 First Bloom of the Year Peony 'Nova'

First Peony Bloom of the Year
Peony 'Nova' Bloom

It was a rainy Easter today, and I cut my finger pretty bad last night. However, I got a nice surprise when I was walking around my garden today trying to lift my spirits. I found my first peony bloom of the year. Remember those 2016 Peony 'Nova' Buds Snaking Out of the Ground? Well, the tallest 'snake' was the first bud to bloom in my garden! I was so happy to see this bloom because not only was it the first peony to bloom this year in my garden, it was also the first time I had ever seen this Peony 'Nova' variety bloom.

First Peony Bloom of the Year
Peony 'Nova'

Peony 'Nova' is definitely a very early bloomer. I was also able to classify the bloom color as RHS Light Yellow 4D. I was very happy to meet a new blossom and have the opportunity to classify its color on the first bloom of my peony bloom season. Also what a nice peony bloom color to help celebrate Easter - a perfectly pastel yellow!

First Peony Bloom of the Year
Peony 'Nova' Plant

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