Friday, September 18, 2015

2015 Fall Peony Seed Planting and Donation

Well, it wasn't a bumper crop of seeds this year, but I did get some varieties of seed that I haven't gotten seed from before. So I'm really excited to see those grow. A couple of the plants that produced seed only produced one seed - like Peony 'Cream Delight' and Peony 'Rose Garland', and also this very red semi-double peony that I got from Klehm's Song Sparrow, which was supposed to be Peony 'Paree Fru Fru' (a light pink bomb), but was not... Anyway, I'm excited to see what kind of children these plants will produce.

2015 Peony Seed Planting Labels

Since seed production was kind of low this year, I planted most of my own seeds. There were only two varieties that produced more than 10 seeds this year - Peony 'Pink Spritzer' which had 40 seeds and Peony 'Raspberry Firefly' which had 37 seeds. I planted 10 of the Peony 'Pink Spritzer' seeds and 7 of the Peony 'Raspberry Firefly' seeds. The rest of the seeds from these two varieties, I will donate to the American Peony Society Seed Distribution Program. From checking their seed list, they don't currently have any seeds of Peony 'Raspberry Firefly'. So that's exciting to be able to share seeds that no one currently has access to purchase.


  1. Hi! I´m reading your blog posts about peony hybridizing with interest! I have found information in many places about the aboundant seeds of P. 'Pink Spritzer' but can´t see any registered offspring. Did you get any seedlings from it? Result?
    Regards from Sweden;

    1. Gröna Hannah,

      Yes, I did get some seedlings from 'Pink Spritzer'. I think the first one bloomed this year, but the bloom was not much to speak of and quite small. It did exhibit some steaking in the petals like its parent. I am going to keep my eye on it and its siblings in future years to see if the bloom grows larger and what the blooms on the other plants might look like.

      Good luck in your hybridizing efforts!!