Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2015 Peony Bloom Data in Peony Database

Last night I was so happy to finally get all of my peony bloom data into a database! Being a programmer has some advantages. I was able to download Postgresql (free database software) earlier this week and get it installed. Then last night I finally decided on the layouts for my database tables to hold the peony data. Then I worked on grooming and exporting my data from Excel into CSV files. Finally I was able to import all of the data into my new databases! What a feeling of accomplishment. :-) Now that I have all of my data stored in a database, I will be able to analyze and query the data easily whenever I like. I also plan to use this data to examine the performance of peony varieties over time and update my Bloom Dates page with average bloom dates for peony varieties. This year, 2015, I will have collected 10 years worth of peony bloom data.

Peony Database

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