Wednesday, August 6, 2014

2014 Giant Peony Blooms on Peony 'Myra MacRae'

Isabella Holding Peony 'Myra MacRae'

No, this is not an optical illusion. Yes, this peony bloom really is bigger than her head! This is a photo I took on my phone last May, and forgot to publish. These photos are of my lovely daughter Isabella and Peony 'Myra MacRae'. Peony 'Myra MacRae' is really a stellar performer as long as you provide her ample support for her large blossoms. :-) In fact Peony 'Myra MacRae' was a Southern Peony Best Performer this year. Late in my bloom season Peony 'Myra MacRae' was one of the last peonies blooming in my garden and she put on quite a show. So she was named Peony 'Myra MacRae' Best Performer - Week 6. So if you'd like a peony that could be a true Southern Belle, give Peony 'Myra MacRae' a place in your garden.

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