Wednesday, October 16, 2013

2013 Planting Chinese Tree Peonies

Chinese Tree Peonies Soaking in Water

After soaking the Chinese Tree Peonies from Ali Express, some of them started to look promising. As you can see below on the tree peonies with long stems and short roots, after soaking them in water I started to notice some white or light colored nodules on the sides of the tree peony stems. These may turn into growth nodules, from which roots or stems may be generated in the spring. Also I figured out which tree peonies these are supposed to be. The one tree peony with a short stem and long roots is supposed to be the blue tree peony I ordered. The other 5 tree peonies with long stems and short roots were 2 yellow/orange tree peonies and the other 3 were the ones that were supposed to be the Ali Express Chinese Tree Peonies $5.52 for 3!. I had ordered 3 sets of 3 of these peonies. So I should have gotten 9 of those tree peonies, but they only sent 3. So I opened a dispute with Ali Express for that particular order.

Blue Chinese Tree Peony with Short Stem and Long Root

Chinese Tree Peony with Long Stem and Short Root

Chinese Tree Peony with Long Stem and Short Root

After soaking the Chinese Tree Peonies in a bucket of water for a couple of days, I finally got them all planted Wednesday morning. I planted the tree peony with the short stem and the long root pretty much even with the soil. The other tree peonies with the long stems and shorter roots, I planted about 4-5 inches below the soil, which left about 2 inches of the stem above ground. The majority of the tree peony stems were planted below ground, in hopes they would generate their own roots, just in case the tree peony stems are grafted to herbaceous peony root stock. Now I am feeling a little more hopeful that these Chinese tree peonies will grow in the spring! I'll let you know... :-)

Planted Chinese Tree Peonies from Ali Express


  1. For the ones with multiple buds, you could probably graft those onto their own herbaceous roots if you have any extras, and the energy from those fresh herbaceous roots would probably give you a better chance.

    I'm still not seeing anything out of what I got from aliexpress, but I have tried to graft the straight wood with no buds onto some herbaceous roots to see if that can trigger anything to sprout. Your blue Chinese tree peony literally looks like a 1 cm section of tree peony with no buds grafted right onto a nice big herbaceous root system so I guess their gambling on a bud to form on that woody section which could happen depending on the species. I just couldn't any seller would send something like that.

    If you haven't grafted before, it isn't all that difficult as long as you have some plastic bags with sand, a heating pad, grafting knife and grafting tape.

  2. Just an update on my peony seedlings. Half of them do actually now show a sign of life with a little bit of budding right at the base while the others look like they don't have any more juice left to be revived. It doesn't even matter that much anyways because the bud less branches from them that I've grafted onto herbaceous roots appear to be performing the best as those sections are forming buds.

    Have you found any of the vendors you bought from on ali-express to be exceptional?

    1. Steve,

      That's great news! I'm glad to hear they are not all dead sticks. I actually haven't received any of my other orders yet. I do have a package at the post office that I need to pick up, but I don't know if that is one of the orders or not. I'll let you know how the rest turn out when I get them!