Wednesday, July 17, 2013

2013 RHS Peony Bloom Color Chart Coding

I have been working on collecting data on my peony blooms' petal color for 4 years now. I use the RHS Mini Colour Chart for the bloom color groupings. I think I have a pretty good start on this project by now, so I can start posting some of my data, and will continue to update it in the future. I am dedicating a new page for this information called Peony Bloom Colors. Hopefully this information will help people in identifying unknown peonies, creating gardening and landscaping plans for their properties, and selecting just the right color of peony for their gardens.

2010 Peony Bloom Color Coding
2012 Peony Colors

RHS Mini Colour Chart for Peony Bloom Coding

The first year I collected data, I had 84 peony varieties color coded. This year I have 139 peony bloom colors documented. Please keep in mind that there is undoubtedly a margin of error in this information since it is all subjective. However these categorizations should be mostly accurate, and hopefully helpful in describing and grouping these peony bloom colors. Also please note that these color codings were taken on the first day of the open bloom, as peony bloom colors tend to fade over time. Some favorable controls in this information are that these peonies are all grown in the same location and the data was all collected by the same person. Also the standard disclaimer applies about the display of the color on different monitors. So please use these peony bloom color groupings as a general guide. :-) If you notice any variety that is grouped in a wildly different color category that what it should be listed in, please notify me, as I may have received a mislabeled peony from the grower. Thank you!


  1. Do you know anyone that has the mini color chart for sale?

    1. Hello,

      This is where I purchased mine:
      However it looks like they are currently sold out. I would recommend contacting them and seeing if they will be getting more in stock.