Monday, June 24, 2013

2013 Double Peony Vs. Single Peony

The peony on the left is a double form peony. The peony on the right is a single form peony. If you think you love double peonies, wait until you grow a single! Sure double peonies have lots of petals, sure some of them smell nice, but what happens to them as soon as a rain storm comes along? On the ground. Sure you could stake them, tie them up, and threaten them. But why? You could just grow a single peony as well. I'm not saying to give up on doubles. I love them too! However single and semi-double peonies are often overlooked in favor of the large puffy bomb and double flowered peonies, and they (single form peonies) should definitely be given a second look. Apart from holding up better during rain storms, single peonies often have an earlier bloom season, allowing for an extension of your peony bloom enjoyment! They are also more likely to be fertile and bear seed, in case you're ever interested in growing new varieties - babies! Single form peonies also come in a wider range of colors - from pale lavender to hot coral! So who wins this debate, double vs. single? You do! Having peonies of all shapes, sizes, and colors available multiplies the benefits of growing peonies. So grow them all!!!

Double Peony vs. Single Peony

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