Wednesday, September 5, 2012

2012 Soil for New Peony Beds

Well I finally got the mountains of new dirt raked out into nicely shaped beds for my peonies. One peony bed will be for seedlings. The other peony bed will be for intersectional peonies. I'm kind of excited to see how these grow in the spring. With such nice soil to grow in these should do really well! The intersectional peony bed turned out to be 9ft X 12ft. The peony seedling test bed turned out to be 7ft X 8ft. They're not huge, but they're pretty good size. I'm sure I'll be able to squeeze lots of intersectional peonies and peony seedlings into them for now - and I'm sure the beds will grow in size later! ;) The next thing I need to do is figure out the layout. Then when my fall shipments arrive, I'll know where to plant them. :)

Intersectional Peony Bed Soil

Peony Test Seedling Bed Soil


  1. I like your solarization idea, and it looks like we probably got or intersectionals from the same source MACAO2000 from eBay right?

    Mine looked exactly like yours.

    Anyways I'm also a peony collector. I just found out this year that it is possible to take cuttings from tree peony branches from spring growth with a powerful rooting hormone, and that the seedlings can put out as many as 6 leaves on the 1st year depending on the species.

    Anyways, keep the posts coming because I'll be watching.

  2. Steve, thank you! Yes, that is the same Ebay id, macao2000. We'll have to compare our plants to see how they grow in different climates. :)