Sunday, May 27, 2012

2012 Last Blooms of the Peony Season

I can't believe how long the peony season was here this year! Today is the 7th day of week 9! The blooms in the last couple weeks have definitely not been the same as those at the beginning of the peony season which were so delicate and fresh. The last blooms have been wilted, drooping, and crispy brown on the edges. But who is to say that these last blooms are not just as beautiful as the first? Is something old not just as beautiful as something new? Is it not all a part of nature, which is beautiful in all its changing seasons? Why should we value youth and newness more than longevity and age? So here are some pictures I took today of the last blooms of my peony season here in zone 7. I hope you enjoy them and appreciate all nature has to offer in the beginning and the end. :)

Peony 'La Tendresse'

Peony 'Paul M. Wild'


  1. Beautiful photos and sentiments. What light level do they prefer? I live in Davidson, just north of Charlotte.

  2. Thank you so much! Peonies definitely prefer full sun. Check out this post on sun vs. shade... 2012 Peony Experiments - Sun vs. Shade