Wednesday, May 18, 2016

2016 Peony Blooms Very Late - Week 7

I guess you could say our bloom season is a little mixed up this year. The waves of cold weather we had earlier this year left the peonies confused. Some bushes only came up half a bush at a time, with some stems blooming much earlier and other stems on the same bush bloomer much later. Many of the peonies bloomed in different weeks this year, and it seems we will get 8 weeks of peony blooms this year. I'll give a report next week so you can see what was still blooming in our first ever "Week 8"! Only one of these peonies is a very late bloomer and the rest are not. Peony 'Celebrity', Peony 'Strawberry Wine', and Peony 'Karl Rosenfield' all usually bloom in Week 5. Peony 'Feather Top' and Peony 'Paul M. Wild' usually bloom in Week 6, and Peony 'Candy Stripe' is right on time since it does usually blooms in Week 7.
Peony 'Celebrity'
Peony 'Candy Stripe'
Peony 'Feather Top'
Peony 'Strawberry Wine'
Peony 'Karl Rosenfield'
Peony 'Paul M. Wild'

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